Students get intensive preparation by doing a series of practice examinations that replicate the government schools selective exams. Practice exams are set at the same of difficulty (and at a slightly more difficult level for later practice exams) as the real exams. Currently only Mathematics and Numerical Reasoning tests are available the remaining tests will be available in January 2017.

After making a purchase you will receive a digital copy of your test(s) (with answers for multiple choice tests) that can be printed for the student to complete in their own time. We recommend that students complete the tests under exam conditions and review them after completion.

These tests can be used as the sole method of preparation for the selective exams or as additional practice for students already undertaking a preparation program.

  • Advantages for students
  • Become very proficient at doing exams
  • Improve speed of completion and accuracy
  • Identify areas of weaknesses and close gap
  • Timely feedback
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